Illogical career move, Mr. Spock.

Agent: OK, Leonard, you’re in danger of being typecast. We need to break you from the grips of this Spock character.

Leonard Nimoy: What do you have in mind?

Agent: Music!

Leonard Nimoy: Great. I do fancy myself a pretty good singer. Maybe “My Way”? “Fly Me To the Moon”?

Agent: Too old, Leonard. We need something that speaks to the kids. What’s that series of books that’s all the rage with the kids? You know, the Lord of something or other?”

Leonard Nimoy: “Lord of the Rings”? Like, “The Hobbit”?

Agent: That’s it! I was just pitched a catchy tune about the main Hobbit cat, “Bilbo Baggins.”

Leonard Nimoy: [uneasy silence]

Agent: We’ll blow it out on a TV show. Dancin’ girls wearing Spock ears. It’ll kill.

Leonard Nimoy: I do like Tolkien…


3 responses to “Illogical career move, Mr. Spock.

  1. Good. Lord. Hobbits == velociraptors?

  2. Lord, as bad as the music is, the choreographer of this should be hunted down, beaten, and set afire.

  3. OMG! I understand HATHOS now! Yes. Yes, of course! It all makes perfect sense once you have seen this clip! Pure genius/painful horror/utter shit!

    Thank you.

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