From the department of gluttony…

Dom Perignon reportedly is paying homage to Claudia Schiffer’s boobies in a way that hadn’t occurred to me, anyway.


Per the high-falutin’ Wine Spectator:

The breast-inspired bowl is the latest creation by German designer Karl Lagerfeld for Moët & Chandon’s famous Champagne brand. This artwork is supposed to be a modern version of the bowl from the dining service made especially for Queen Marie Antoinette back in 1787. Legend has it that it was the exact size of one of her breasts, and used, in turn, to model the well-known coupe-shaped Champagne glass.

In order to own this titillating piece of work (c’mon–allow me this one pun–I’m only human), one must purchase a $3,150 bottle of 1995 Dom Perignon Oenotheque.


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