Reh Dogg still in a lather

You may remember aspiring musician/video director Reh Dogg, the image of whom has been burned into my brain since the video for his song “Why Must I Cry” went viral a couple of years ago. I worry that Reh soaping up in the shower will be the last image to flash through my head before I die.  Seriously.

Memory refresher:

Flow, Reh Dogg, flow.

What I didn’t realize was that although his YouTube fame has faded, Reh is still keeping at it. The music and videos keep coming. For instance, he recently shared his lonely Thanksgiving dinner with his fans:

And, it turns out that he’s a conservative dude who supported McCain. He’s worried enough about the upcoming Barack Obama presidency to have penned the song “What Change Other Than Being Black” just days after the election, and he got a new video up to boot. Dig the lyrics: “Just you wait your electrical bills will go sky high / He wants to bankrupt the coal industry that will costs / Millions to lose their jobs, and yall voted for this radical  Nut job yall must be sick in the head indeed.”



One response to “Reh Dogg still in a lather

  1. Say what you will, but the special effects in “What Change” are just incredible! What’s better? The alien energy creature or the flying pterodactyl/bat creature? I say Fallout 3 should have a hidden world set in the universe provided to us by Reh Dogg. Now that’s a Quest I can believe in.

    This video is awesome!!!

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