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Joaquin Phoenix keeps up the ruse

A great David Letterman segment last night with Joaquin Phoenix, who’s still trying to convince us he’s given up acting for rapping.  Phoenix might just be our next great comic genius.


Say it to my face

In 1994, Jim Rome wasn’t a well-known guy. Then, on his ESPN2 talk show, he interviewed NFL quarterback Jim Everett.

At the time, Rome had developed the shtick of referring to Everett as “Chris” (after the great female tennis player Chris Everett), because of Everett’s perceived aversion to taking a hit. The quarterback did not take this with good humor. And Jim Rome was soon radio’s best-known sports talk host.

Let’s bring on the Super Bowl rage!

Gamerz need to eat, too

Nintendo Cereal. Fuel up, kids!

Super Bowl Hathos

Let’s go back to 1986, and the classic Hathos spawned by Super Bowl XX, a battle that gave us this bit of unforgettable ugliness:

… as well as this lesser-known–though no less horrible–song:

Before he knew it was a joke

William Shatner gives his stirring rendition of Harry Chapin’s “Taxi” on the “Dinah!” show.

Our long national nightmare is nearly over

A compilation of “Great Moments in Presidential Speeches” segments, from the Late Show with David Letterman.

Rest in soft, corinthian leather

Yesterday brought the sad news that hathos-facilitator Ricardo Montalban has died at age 88. As Mister Roarke on “Fantasy Island,” he kept B-list actors in the public eye for years beyond when they would have otherwise faded away. And, he invented the term “corinthian leather” to describe one of the the joys of the Chrysler Cordoba in the ’70s.

Rest in peace, Mr. Montalban.