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Cocaine is a terrible drug

After he was accused of assaulting his wife with a mop handle (not a lead pipe, as stated in this story) and firing a gun at her car, unbalanced soul great James Brown needed to do some damage control. So he walked out of jail and granted this 1988 television interview on the CNN talk show  “Sonia Live! in L.A.”  Charges were later dropped after his wife withdrew the accusations.


Teeny-bop flashback

All the little girls in my neighborhood had a copy of the self-titled Kristy and Jimmy McNichol album, which came out in 1978 in an attempt to capitalize on Kristy McNichol’s popularity on the Aaron Spelling series “Family.” Here’s the duo performing “He’s a Dancer,” evidently for a Dick Clark special that same year.

You’ve got a friend

You may very well have come across this before, but The Hathos would not be complete without the bouncy ska of Sonseed’s “Jesus Is a Friend of Mine.”

The full story about the video is at the Dougsploitation blog; including an interview with lead singer Sal Polichetti, who’s a really good sport about the whole thing. And here is this important work for the historical record.

Does it offend you, yeah?

The world is going to hell in a handbasket, it is.  And Fox News will give you all of the sexy details.

The amorous drunk

Perhaps its time to give pro football hall of famers a breathalyzer test before allowing them to appear on live television. Joe Namath presents all of the necessary evidence in less than two minutes. (Thanks for the tip, Sean.)

Crazy SNL alumni

What is it about forgettable Saturday Night Live cast members of the ’80s? Move over, Dennis Miller. There’s a new Crazy Sheriff in town, and her name is Victoria Jackson.  She thinks Barack Obama is a Muslim and a commie. Isn’t that cute?

New Year’s Hathos

From the 1980 “Osmond Family Christmas” special, Marie Osmond and Greg Evigan (I remember him best for playing a trucker (and second-fiddle to a chimp on the series “BJ & The Bear”) sing the sexy tune “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve.”