From the makers of the Stadium Pal…

The Stadium Gal Female Portable Urinal:


I suspect there would be some of the same problems with this device that David Sedaris experienced with his Stadium Pal


Super Bowl hathos, continued

A look back to the 1985 Philadelphia Eagles, who didn’t make it to the NFL Super Bowl. They did make it to the Super Bowl of Hathos, however, with this silly rap.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

In this clip, which rose to fame in 2007, Mississippi Braves manager Phillip Wellman (of the Southern League) throws a tantrum that would impress any two year old.

Wikipedia gives the blow-by-blow:

He protested the umpire throwing his pitcher out of the game for using a foreign substance by covering home plate with dirt, then tracing in the dirt a new, significantly larger home plate. He then went on to uproot bases and throw them, crawl in a prone position across the infield like a soldier, and pretend to bite and hurl the rosin bag at an umpire as if it were a hand grenade. He concluded his tirade by pretending to eject the umpires themselves with a fist-pump and then blowing a farewell kiss to the crowd while taking a bow.

White pimp, bad credit

Well, the Credit MacDaddy isn’t technically in blackface. But the South evidently still has a ways to go.

Finland rocks No. 2

Bogart Co.’s “Every Time My Heart Turns Around,” featuring some of the finest pastel colors and mullets ever seen outside of a wrestling ring.

Super Bowl Hathos

Let’s go back to 1986, and the classic Hathos spawned by Super Bowl XX, a battle that gave us this bit of unforgettable ugliness:

… as well as this lesser-known–though no less horrible–song:

Before he knew it was a joke

William Shatner gives his stirring rendition of Harry Chapin’s “Taxi” on the “Dinah!” show.